I am originally from Nottingham, although I spent the earlier part of my adult life living in London, before I moved to the beautiful countryside of West Sussex in 2004. I come from an artistic family background and initially trained to be a dancer from an early age. I grew up in a rural environment, and have always had a great appreciation for nature and the countryside, which along with my passion for art, is what enthused me to become a floral and landscape artist. I am a self taught artist, although I did go to art college, but learnt my skills as a mixed media artist by experimenting with different materials and harnessing new techniques which have evolved over the course of time. I try and depict the essence of nature and its magic into my paintings, which are created using mixed media on silk which is mounted on board. I use the silk as a canvas and build up layers using lots of different materials, which give it a three dimensional effect. This layering process really lends itself to the scenery that I paint creating a feeling of depth and texture.

I like to play with colour and sometimes this will dictate the composition of a painting. I always have my camera to hand which allows me to capture a beautiful scene as and when it happens, which living in the Sussex countryside, I am never short of inspiration. I generally work from photographs that I have taken, and enjoy putting my own interpretation on a natural scene to give it a more contemporary look.

I work from my studio at the Turner-Dumbrell Workshops in Ditchling, East Sussex. I currently exhibit and sell my work solely through Whitewall Galleries, which have branches all over the UK. For any enquiries about my work, including past and present, please feel free to contact their customer services on 01543 624990 where they will be pleased to assist you with your enquiry, or please visit their website for current works available to purchase at: https://www.whitewallgalleries.com.

My Studio